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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Alpha Timor TM different?
Everyone you come in contact with, from agent to reception, gives you top priority. Everyone understands their role and does it with an enthusiasm you’ll notice straight away.

Aren’t agents only interested in commission?
We know that your goodwill is much more important than our commission. Commission is a reward for a successful result. A happy customer means a successful future!

How do I know you tell buyers and sellers the same thing?
Selling should be simple, but many agents complicate it. Transparency puts everyone on the same page, and means everyone gets the best result – and that includes us.

What are the three critical aspects of achieving the best price for my property?
Qualified buyers inspecting your house will provide real price feedback. Competition, regardless of the process will drive the price. An individual with knowledge and experience can negate and support your position.

Will advertising help sell my house?
Good advertising arouses emotion in a buyer, taking them on a journey, and helping you stand out from the crowd. But even more important is knowing where to advertise.

The value of my house is the most important thing when selling.
Yes we agree! This is also the area that is manipulated the most by agents. Everyone deserves the best price possible. This is achieved by experienced agents with superior product knowledge, not by those who ‘sell ice to Eskimos.'

I’ve heard a lot of agents focus all their attention on sellers.
There are two parts to every sale. Our success comes from introducing the right buyers to the right sellers. And that comes from getting to know the needs of both parties – intimately. A successful agent understands this.