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Property Investment
Investing in property has always been seen as a safe and effective way to build wealth. The tangible evidence of your investment coupled with the rental income and possible tax concessions make it easy to see why an investment in property can be an attractive choice.

If you already own your own home, you will be familiar with the property purchasing process; it is not that difficult to take your next steps in purchasing a property for investment. Utilising the equity in your home to finance an investment (property, shares etc) is a great way of putting your property to work for you. This will often be a more cost-effective option than taking out a personal loan.

Seek independent financial advice
The old adage that if an investment opportunity sounds too good to be true, it usually is - holds true. Always be sure to research your investment decision thoroughly. Be sure to seek independent property and financial advice.

If you are turning to property investment for capital growth, tax benefits and as a retirement strategy, it is very important to learn as much as you can, especially if it is an area you’re not completely familiar with.

Alpha Timor TM Capital offers a huge range of home loans for investment property from over 20 different lenders, including both retail and wholesale options.
Our property finance consultants will help you select the best loan for your new purchase, or to refinance an existing loan and lower your monthly repayments.

Loan options
Our loan options include:
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